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This page can be reached from everywhere within according to item 122 of the Italian law 196/2003 published on Gazzetta Ufficiale n.126 dated June 3, 2014.

This website collects some personal information of users.

According to the law, Interaction Design Solutions S.r.l. whose address is Udine, Via Cividale 63, VAT 02707400301, email (the Company), and in particular, its President, is charged with the duty of providing information about the cookie policy.

Types of collected data

This site collects (directly or indirectly) cookies, usage data and email addresses. Personal data can be entered by users, or they can be automatically collected by the website.

We use cookies (and other actors can use them indirectly) in order to identify users and record users preferences so that services used by the users can be provided. In some cases, not enabling cookies may prevent providing such services. The user is the sole responsible person in case personal data of third persons are published or shared through this website. In such cases the user guarantees that he or she has the right to communicate or disseminate such data. The Company is free from any responsibilities with regards to such data.

Usage data

This includes data that is automatically collected by the website (or indirectly through third party’s applications delpoyed in this website). In particular:

  • IP numbers and or domain names of the computers used by the user to connect to this website
  • URIs
  • time and date of the connection
  • connection protocol used to connect
  • size of the data that was produced by this website
  • status code of the response
  • geographical area of the request
  • type and version of the browser and operating system
  • session duration, duration time of the visit to visited pages, sequence of visited pages.

How and where collected data are used

Data processing

People within the Company in charge of processing the data do so by adopting best practices to avoid that data is processed in unauthorized ways.

The detail list of people in charge of this can be asked to the Company.


Data is processed in locations where the Company operates. Detail can be asked to the Company.

How long data are retained

Data are retained for the amount of time that is deemed useful depending on the purpose of the data themselves. The user can at any time request interruption of the processing of his/her data and can request the complete removal of all the data.

Purposes of the collected data

user data are collected to enable deployment of services, as well as social networks, blogging and comments, sign-ups and sign-ins.

This website uses Facebook services

For additional information please refer to documentazione dei permessi Facebook ed alla privacy policy di Facebook.

Comments on contents of this website

This website allows users to write, submit and publich comments. To do so the user needs to enter his/her email address, which may be used to notify the user of events pertaining to the comments. The User is fully responsible for the comments.

This website may display contents that is hosted on other platforms

Widget Video Youtube (Google)

Youtube is managed by Google Inc.

Personal data collected: cookies and usage data.

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Social Networks

Facebook Sign-on

This website may allow users to use their Facebook credentials to authenticate themselves. Facebook services are provided by Facebook Inc.

Personal data: see Facebook privacy policy.

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Button “I like” and Facebook social widgets (Facebook)

Provided by Facebook Inc.

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Button +1 and social widgets of Google+ (Google)

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Collected data: cookies and usage data.

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Provided by Linkedin Corporation.

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Web analytics

The following services enable the Company to monitor and analyze traffic data and include traces of the user behavior.

Google Analytics (Google)

Google Analytics is an analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”).

Google uses personal data to track and analyze the usage of this website, to write reports and sharing them with other Google services. This includes services that customize advertising announcements.

Collected data: cookies and usage data

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Usage of cookies uses cookies to let users take advantage of its services.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is sent to the browser that stores them on the computing platform of the user, every time the user visits a website. Each time cookies are sent to the website. Cookies allow managing user preferences, allow storing information so that the user does not need to re-enter the same information, or support analysis of usages of the services.

Types of cookies used by

Technical Cookies

This kind of cookies can be persistent (they survive beyond a single connection session) or session-cookies (they are removed when the user disconnects). These cookies, always sent from, are necessary to appropriately render the website and be able to take advantage of this website.

Analytical Cookies

These cookies are collected to provide information about the usage of this site. uses such information anonimously to improve the quality in use of the site.

Analytical cookies are sent by this website or by third parties.

How to disable cookies

The user needs to follow the specific instructions of the bowser that is being used.

How to disable third parties cookies